Saturday, December 7, 2013

How we FLY

One night I had a dream.
I was teaching a large crowd of people.
I was doing a qi-kung breathing exercise and found myself lifting off the ground.
I rose above the crowd of people. There were many, maybe a hundred. Maybe more.
People became frighted and the crowd started running away in fear. 

In that moment as I was lifting I could feel that gravity was moving through me, in me, lifting me up. 
I understood what it was; however, in that moment I felt that I needed to continue to teach my students and I began to speak. I needed them to not be afraid of this teaching. Speaking was very difficult and  my voice was thick, heavy like and the words came out very slow, almost like time was being slowed down.

At that moment I began to speak, I lost the levitation and came immediately down to earth.

I realized that in that moment when my Ego tried to connect with the people to continue to teach them I had lost the teaching; the Power, thus the levitation. 

I was thinking about this dream the other day and came to the realization that it is our EGO's that keep us grounded in this gravity environment. In analysing the dream, it was when my EGO kicked in that I separated myself from the force that was lifting me.  In the breathing exercise, as I was exhaling and my arms were coming down and I was grounding my breath, my feet lifted off the ground and I was able to rise feeling the force of the universe within my body yet losing the heaviness of matter.  When my Ego kicked in, and I tried to take ownership of what had happened by speaking of it in an authoritative way, the energy or force that lifted me reversed until my feet eventually came back to earth. 

I realize that it is the EGO that keeps the carnal self grounded to the Earth.  Without Ego, we are able to rise above the Earth and fly a Ego...only Spirit in tune with Nature and the forces of Universe. My EGO  separated me from the power that did not belong to me but made itself apparent during those moments when I was teaching this particular breathing exercise. The teaching had materialized; however, the teacher and the teaching are not one, and if the EGO takes ownership, the teaching is lost.

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