Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Transfiguration

I just had an epiphany about the light body and the rainbow body. The shroud of turin is key to this.  The various layers of the body start with 1- The highest is the Anandamaya,  the second the Vigynamaya, the third the Manamaya, the fourth the Pranamaya and then the Anamaya- I  came to this conclusion because the physical body is the last to carnate or manifest.. .. we come from the light into the density of matter and earth. 

The transfiguration ( visible in the tourin relic) is a powerful talisman of the law of opposites & Union. 

When we have focused within our minds the subtle realms to the highest attainment, instead of poles repelling ( which is the energy that maintains our physical form within the ethers) , we in fact 'merge'  magnetically and the energy released is  a great light-  we instantly commune ( imagine yourself walking through a wall... the very moment you move to the wall and move through it...this is the transfiguration )...

I believe that these are teachings are helping us to resurrect into the light body from the physical body while still alive.  The pineal gland is the tunnel that our consciousness must travel through after we die; however, I believe this is not the case with transfiguration. 

I believe that the entire body becomes energy and then as it merges with the subtle bodies, it then returns to the causal plane.  Astral bodies are generally for those that have died a natural death. ( another story). The rainbow body represents space/time/ dimensions of various levels of creation as the colors of the spectrum resonate at their own frequency therefore dimension in time/space... perhaps each of these is a dimension we travel must travel through in order to get to the holy of holies?

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