Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Remembering Feeling

Today while doing my yoga practice I realized that as we age we forget to feel.  The aging is the result of forgetting physical feeling.  I imagine this happens for many reasons including boredom or generally pre-occupation with adult living that does not include 'feeling' our bodies in totality.

As we remember various parts of our body and feel them all over again, we may feel flushed or begin to sweat.  It is energy burned and released that causes us to sweat when the meridian opens and energy begins to flow again.  At those moments, it is almost like a secret language without words. And we may begin to experience certain satori's or brilliant moments of intense insight.

As we remember the feeling within our limbs, or bodily cavities, energy flows to the area and stagnate energy is released.  An area of the brain associated with the location is also opening, like a door-way ( my fathers mansion has many rooms).

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